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Looking To Sell Your Home

Making the decision to sell your home is often a complicated and emotional process. Countless amounts of sacrifices, planning, and investment have gone into making your property a home. No less should be expected when choosing someone to sell your home.

Gone are the days when an agent could just put up a listing in the Multiple Listing Service and sit back and wait for a qualified buyer to walk through the door. If all it took to sell a house was simply putting it in the MLS, wouldn’t everyone be selling their homes themselves? Selling extraordinary homes deserves extraordinary marketing, planning, investment, and results. It’s time for a new agent, new marketing, new processes, and most of all... new possibilities. Ultimately, our goal is to sell your property for highest price possible to help you and your family enjoy the next chapter of your lives. Our process is designed to reduce as many of the stresses as possible by leveraging technology and proper planning to find a qualified buyer for your home. We took the time to outline our processes along with how they benefit you and your family.

Seller Facade

Market Research - What’s happening with homes like ours in this market ?

How many homes are selling right now

How fast are homes selling right now

What prices are homes selling right now

What condition are homes selling right now

What types of financing are acceptable.

  • Cash Only
  • Jumbo Loans
  • Condo Restrictions / Litigation
  • Preparing In Advance For Buyer Offers

Marketing Preparation

  • What price are we targeting

    Are we competitive

    • Goal is to be next home of our type to sell for market price or better.
    • Buyers look at fairly priced homes first
      • If they like they buy
      • If they don’t like then they skip
    • Overpriced
      • Sign of unreasonable agent and seller. Repels interest

  • What do we need to do to achieve this price in this market.
    • Inspections
      • Find out now what potential buyers may use against us for seller credits. Takes us further below best potential price
      • Disclose to potential buyers the exact condition of the home. Increases Buyer confidence. Increases chances of offers
    • Elevate - Renovations
      • Inc Value
      • Move In Ready
      • Competitive
    • Staging - Steven G / Artefacto
      • Inc Value
      • Move In Ready
    • Marketing Assets (Add Why Each)
      • HD Photos - High Engagement + Shares
      • HD Video - High Engagement + Shares + Emotional Connection
      • Matterport / Virtual Tours
        • Convenient
        • Gives potential buyer time to fall in love with the home
          • Normal showings are short and miss things
          • Normally seeing multiple homes back to back
          • Highlight all key features of your home. Inc chance of sale
          • More Serious Buyers coming into home.
            • Safer
            • Less stress prepping home for showings
      • Optional Auction Services / Consignment
        • Paintings
        • Wine Collection
  • Net Sheet - Clarity
    • Cash To Seller
    • Mortgage Pay Off Info
    • Clean Title

Marketing Strategy / Schedule / Cycle

  • Who is our target buyer. Consumer focused marketing.
  • What features / amenities do we focus on to target that buyer.

Coming Soon ! (Creates Buzz + Anticipation)

  • Auction House Exposure
  • Public Relations Opportunities.
    • Magazines
    • Miami Heat
  • Tease Photos / Videos Social Media
    • Most serious buyers want to see the home first before it’s public.

Set the price.

Once you know the specifics about your home and have checked out what similar properties in your area are selling for, set a realistic price.

Launch on all platforms ! See Marketing Strategy Page

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Open Houses

  • Marketed Virtual Open Houses.
    • Reaches out of town buyers.
    • Inc engagement / shares / reach
    • Always available online for access to potential buyers.
  • Normal Open Houses as permitted

Qualify Potential Buyers

  • Verify Funds / Cash To Close
  • Acceptable Loan Types
    • Full Down Payments In Escrow.
      • We know they are likely able to close.
    • Saves time know which loans can be approved.

Negotiate Price and Terms

  • Price based similar homes plus upgrades.
Sellers Photo

Inspections / Appraisals

  • We provide our inspection report to the buyer's representation at the signing of the contract. There should be no major surprises that arise at this point of the process.
  • We meet/supervise the buyers and inspectors on your behalf.

Preparing To Move

  • We help organize movers

Virtual Closings

  • Our lawyers and closing companies provide a fully virtual closing experience.
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