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Wonder how much your art or object might be worth and how to sell it? Simply follow the steps below and our specialists will review your submission at no cost and provide preliminary estimates for items that can be included in our sales in 5 to 7 business days.

Disclaimer: Preliminary estimates may be subject to change upon inspection of the item

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Sotheby’s specialist will compare your property to similar items recently sold at auction. We will consider important aspects including the artist or maker, country of origin, date of execution, materials used, dimensions, rarity, subject matter or type, color and apparent condition. Our specialists also have deep knowledge of the current market demand for works within our realm of expertise.

Typically, Sotheby’s will answer an initial enquiry within 7 business days. However, we frequently require additional time to research an item or request the opinion of a particular specialist. In such special instances, an enquiry could require several weeks.

On occasion, if a prospective consignor submits an object valued below Sotheby’s threshold for sale, or if an item is outside our realm of expertise, we might suggest a reputable local auction room or trusted partner. Often, these firms are able to offer a thoughtful valuation according to their specialized markets. Certain brands and price thresholds are not accepted by Sotheby’s. We will inform you if your property falls within these categories.

No, it is not. Please note that all auction estimates are subject to physical examination of the item as well as changes in the art market. Estimates are not formal documents for insurance, taxes or estate valuations and cannot be used as such.

Yes, of course. However, most who request an estimate intend to consign their items with Sotheby’s.

Each consignment is different and will receive individual attention. Our consignment terms and fees include commission, damage and liability fees as well as marketing costs to appropriately promote your consigned item.

Please do not submit a request. Sotheby's is not an alternative to gallery representation. Please submit your portfolio to galleries that specialize in promoting living artists.

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